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(Missing translations)
(Missing translations)
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''"Ssom akhem llo’sal!"'' - [ From tumblr] PROBABLY "I am proud of you"
''"Ssom akhem llo’sal!"'' - [ From tumblr] PROBABLY "I am proud of you"
''"datimul usspall"'' - [ Ch13 p135]

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Missing translations

Putting anything I find as I reread the comic that doesn't have a known translation on these pages yet.

"tokimaelissa lowaissa to hokh" - Ch2 p27 (presumably Old Tainish; possibly "tok tokimaelissa", hard to tell how much Bett is stuttering)

"nim khim maef" - Ch4 p26

"sultet" - "caste" Ch5 p16 (translation provided in dialogue)

"nalimabi, uaid! nalimabi lam!" - Ch6 p75

"manngulann" "obitgulann" "evara" "basolaemasul gh-" - Ch7 p59 (various pymary-related terms; the first two appear to be language-related) First two words translated here

"jhaersil khert-fhaenlin" - Ch7 p73 ("jhaersil" is likely a place name, based on context)

"fa lealighers e loufhel" "lafhel" - Ch7 p92 (likely Old Tainish; "loufhel" and "lafhel" possibly different versions of same root word)

"e sha, hethllot?" - Ch8 p29

"khimissul" - Ch8 p51 (probably "specialty")

"ssomal illuda ya" - Ch8 p53 (almost certainly "you're so awesome"; translations exist for "ssomal" and "illuda" but the "ya" is uncertain)

"falom tairet?" - Ch8 p60 (probably "help (in) Tainish")

"prok ul" - Ch9 p3

"haefhil" - Ch9 p37 (likely a place name)

"ssoem maefh-" - Ch9 p38 (Old Tainish)

"treenahinn" - Ch9 p39 (name of an Aldish or Ssaelit holiday) CORRECTION: Gefendur holiday

"Okhael akhimaenasi, khert" - Ch9 p66 (probably Old Tainish)

"maessa" - "steady" Ch10 p13

"khimabi!" - "work!" Ch10 p14

"mallil Ssael..." - Ch10 p161 (probably "revered Ssael")

"abi twel, muol" - Ch11 p15 Found!

"ssomun ugalasa paefhinnit, fen?" "shala!" - Ch11 p27

"moya tossaul ssomun mi llo'uflikh-wisa" - Ch 12 p2

"ssaemalin" - Ch12 p5

"sha, vhefhen?" - Ch12 p38 (probably "right, father?")

"at'gwe" - Ch12 p66

"ssachig" - Ch12 p69

"khaeninul efh" - Ch12 p69

"Pad'rasa tiw faeimun mellim?" "faeimun fhilul" Ch12 p78 Answered!

"Ssomun yoninmeedoll i megraefich e melimasa. Faeim solle salimun efhun charaa ao momekassha." "Kim Jivi kunimuno lo sam ghal. Faenilimuno efh chig." "Lessum sela sam lo, hinllo tim ul falo alota..." Ch12 p79 Answered!

"oefhenilluaid" - Ch12 p88 Tainish word for "mosbuik" giant turtle

"Ssom akhem llo’sal!" - From tumblr PROBABLY "I am proud of you"

"datimul usspall" - Ch13 p135


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