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== Current Events (Spoilers) ==
'''Litrya Shrine'''
[[Nary Frummagem]] uses two-toes to assasinate the sister of Queen Sonorie. Following the revelation of these events, two toes are exiled from Cresce.

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Two-toes, otherwise known as "Two-toed lizards" or simply "lizards," are small, saurian beings regarded as second-class citizens by most of Kasslyne. They possess varying floppy growths on their heads, which help distinguish between individuals, and only two toes on each foot, giving them their name.

As a race, Two-toes originally dwelt in subterranean caverns and lived their entire lives in near blackness. Because of this, lizards have poor eyesight and are strangely shaped, built for digging and leaping rather than running and fighting. Fortunately they have an excellent sense of smell and a fairly accurate echolocation ability. They can emit screeches that will temporarily deafen any humans in range.

In order to function in a society built for humans, Two-toes are often seen wearing high platform shoes which greatly increase their height and allow them to reach counter tops and other human contrivances. Two-toes are also often found with human patrols, as their keen sense of smell gives them great tracking abilities.



Two-toes are fairly short in stature, coming only about to a human adult's waist. They are bipedal, walking on their two hind legs with their tail presumably used for balance. They have two toes on each foot, the feature which they are named for by humans, and two finders and a thumb on each hand. Their arms are proportionately long for their bodies, with their hands reaching to their knees. They have little by the way in visible gender dimorphism, and both sexes have head frills, though the frills can vary widely between individuals. They can perceive the same spectrum of light as humans, though their eyes are sensitive to bright light. While they possess fairly thick skin, they aren't found in Alderode as the climate is too cold for them. Their lifespans are roughly the same as a human's, about seventy years on average.

Due to the structure of their mouths and lack of lips, their native languages often contain squeaks, whines, and growly fricatives. When speaking human languages, they have a pronounced accent.


The term for themselves in their own language is Inak. They had a mostly oral tradition, using pictographs for writing. The Two-toes coined the term "spiderpaws" to describe humans, and use spiders to represent humans in their writings.

Most Two-toes living among humans eat human foods, but their traditional diet consists of things such as fungus and seaweed, turtles and small mammals, and various invertebrates.

By Two-toe standards, Cutter was considered quite handsome originally.


Centuries ago, Two-toes made the mistake of having something humans wanted. The lizards were lords and protectors of vast underground ecosystems located miles beneath the crust and full of verdant bioluminescent fungal forests, oceans, and mines. The extent of their extractable resources, including a plethora of First Material ores was unprecedented, but the lizards, when humans came across them, were hostile and had no interest in trade. So the humans gassed them and took what they wanted.

This began a very protracted series of massacres - mostly of lizards, but lizards would sometimes make their way to the surface and set fire to human cities, kill children and livestock, poison wells, etc. The Two-toe massacres happened underground, out of sight of the human public, so that all most humans knew was that extremely hostile foreign reptiles were raiding their homes and slaughtering their most vulnerable. Opinions soured pretty fast.

Currently, underground lizards are almost entirely extinct and the survivors have had to adapt to the surface. It's not easy for them. Most countries have laws about where they can live, what limited rights they have, and what kind of work they can do, but it's overall a sorry situation.

Current Events (Spoilers)

Litrya Shrine Nary Frummagem uses two-toes to assasinate the sister of Queen Sonorie. Following the revelation of these events, two toes are exiled from Cresce.

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