VagrantStory Ultimania
These very useful articles are from the Vagrant Story Ultimania guide published by Squaresoft. They provide a more complete picture of the game's
plot and characters, and answer a few questions.

These were translated from the Japanese by Shadowslash of WorldShards (

Prologue - Just Another Swordsman
1 - Loosing the Hunting Dogs into an Unknown World
2 - The Sealed Memories of a Warrior
3 - Steel Fangs, Fragile Spirit
4 - Souls that Cannot Die-- Hell in the Waking World
5 - A Quickening Within the Dark's Ancient Capitol
6 - To a World Outside the Realm of Human Knowledge
Epilogue - Shouldering the World- a Vagrant's Journey Begins
Major Players - Ashley, Sydney, Guildenstern
Supporting Cast - Callo, Rozencrantz, Hardin, Joshua, The Duke
Bit Parts - Tia, Marco, Duane, Grissom, Samantha, Neesa, Tieger