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Anadyne Frummagem is the best friend of Knock-Me-Down and an employee of Stockyard. He has been paying for her education as a wright, but she's not very skilled yet; Quigley insults her abilities during their duel, and she admits that she's still learning.


Her eyes are naturally brown, but are usually glamoured magenta by a pymaric hairclip. Of a medium bust and a seemingly above average height, Anadyne often strikes an imposing figure. Her hair is brown, while her skin is moderately tanned. Generally, she is seen wearing a pinkish bandanna over her hair, with a greenish dress, and a pink apron the same color as her bandana.


She's first seen in the chapter "A Good Night for Crazy" working for Starfish. It's apparent that although she works with thieves and slavers, she does have a moral code, and chastises her friend and Starfish for acting cruelly towards Matty, who is only a small child. Anadyne's personality may have altered drastically by the conclusion of the 10th chapter, as a result of seeing both her boyfriend as well as her close cousin slain before her by a monster of Delicieu's making. She has not appeared again yet, although last shown she is alive.

Anadyne shows romantic interest in Toby.

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