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The Blacktongues, or the Ilganyag, is a shadowy international organisation that has dedicated itself to taking pymary beyond the bounds that government has restricted it to. They find human ingenuity and human endeavour more important in scope than any taboo, public safety concerns, or religion. They want the kherts of all countries opened for exploration and they want frivolous pursuits done away with. They stress scholarship, societal advancement, and transcendence of physical, spiritual, and ethical law.

Black Tongues make almost all pymary-related breakthroughs, and though these breakthroughs often start out illegal, these spells often prove so useful and wonderful that governments work them into the khert and claim creator rights. Black Tongues have been responsible for the invention of plods, simulacra, functioning artificial eyes, and most recently, limited teleportation of physical mass.

In spite of this, every government regards the Black Tongue organisation as dangerous, and if a member is unfortunate enough to be brought into custody he's likely never again to see the light of day. Because of this, Black Tongues are feared and reviled throughout most of the world, and must work in secrecy.

They have a hidden headquarters in Lurick, a town on the west coast of Cresce.


Bastion Winalils and Rahm the Raptor are Black Tongues.

During the last few decades, the population of Black Tongues has seen a sharp decline. Attempts to bring young, fresh talent to the organisation are largely stymied by the group's harsh initiation requirements and severe selectiveness.

Initiates (who must be male) are required to cut off their own testicles and burn them. They must also get tattoos on their tongues. The Ilganyag require that nothing come before the furtherance of pymary and the human species, including the Gefendur gods, so active religiosity is grounds for expulsion from the order. Therefore they are secular as a rule, which is one reason they're so despised.

They wear first silver torcs that allow Ilganyag to communicate with and control them.

The Black Tongues are violently protective of their secrets. Giving away their secrets, or claiming you're Ilganyag when you're not, are good ways to get your head cut off.

Lady Ilganyag

The Ilganyag appear to be connected to (and possibly named after) Lady Ilganyag, a legendary supernatural creature. She is supposed to be a six-breasted bird-woman senet beast who, since she can't have children of her own, goes around at night trying to suckle newborns, but always inadvertently kills them.

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