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Chitz is a small beanbag plush with opalescent lavender button eyes and a white yarn tail. Chitz is stuffed with First Copper beads specially enchanted to allow its owner, Matty, to see the rough shapes (but not color or fine details) of the world around him. Chitz was made for Matty by his mother when he was a toddler, and modified by an unknown party (probably a Black Tongue) to become a seeing aid once the boy lost his eyesight. The creation of Chitz is explained in the side story Orphans.

The name "Chitz" came about from Matty being unable to pronounce the word "stitch" as a two year old. Matty usually wears Chitz on his shoulder or head. He sometimes pretends to feed Chitz. He cannot turn off Chitz' vision except for covering its 'eyes'.

Sette briefly tried to steal Chitz. Starfish exploited Chitz to force Matty to watch Quigley be drowned by Anadyne.

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