Deadly Nevergreen

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The Deadly Nevergreen is the brothel and ken of Stockyard Frummagem located in the Crescian city of Ethelmik. The name of the Nevergreen is a reference to the gallows, and the noose that was the symbol of Stockyard's father. Both Knock-Me-Down Frummagem and Anadyne Frummagem work there, as well as Toby, Dawn, and many other sex workers. Starfish is seen there selling his slaves and first silver, as well as seeking refuge and entertainment. Underneath the Nevergreen is a locks system and river, used for smuggling softi, sleepleaf, glut, and now first silver.

Recent Events

The Deadly Nevergreen, Part II

The Deadly Nevergreen is destroyed when the First Silver Weapon being transported by the Red Berry Boys erupts into a monsterous leviathan, consuming all in its path.

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