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Knock-Me-Down Frummagem is the best friend of Anadyne Frummagem and an employee of Stockyard who makes her first appearance in "A Good Night for Crazy."


Knock appears as a pink haired woman with obscenely large breasts, and muscled arms. Despite her comely figure she is what may be considered a "Butterface": "A great body, sure; but her face.." She is typically seen wearing a low-cut blue dress, with a pymaric on one arm. She is shorter than Anadyne.


She appears somewhat intelligent and highly resourceful; she is shown helping Anadyne find aspects when she duels with Quigley, and restrains him when the opportunity presents itself. She is very protective of Anadyne. Knock also displays a crass sense of humor, as well as a rough exterior personality to anyone new.


She has a saw-shooter pymaric strapped to her arm which shoots spiked disk projectiles, some of which hold Sleepleaf, a tranquilizer. She is able to cast basic pymary although her hand-to-hand combat and physical skills far outclass her shoddy pymary.

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