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Mikaila Adelier was the daughter of Duane and Leysa. She was born a tacit caster. Duane sometimes sees her at night, and calls Sette Mikaila. Mikaila loves riding vliegeng and making pymary. It seems Mikaila died the same night Duane did, as in the memory sequence in the khert she is seen <spoiler>being stabbed</spoiler> before the narration goes nonlinear and presumably unreliable. Duane also states that she is always running away and elusive in his dreams.


Mikaila appears to have been a soud, with the same green eyes and yellow hair as her father. She was rather short.


Like her father, Mikaila was a tacit caster. She was shown to be bright and a quick learner, despite a tendency toward mistakes. She may have had above average intelligence, as her first attempt at a glamour (glamouring her grandfather to appear as a Two-toed Lizard) was based on her reading of an instruction book. While a glamour was cast, it was cast wrongly and dangerously.

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