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New Tawhoque is a city situated on the edge of the Houndshead peninsula in central Sharteshane.

The Frummagem family calls New Tawhoque home and, via corrupt means, puppets much of the city's government and police force.

New Tawhoque was built on the ruins of Tawhoque, a tiered city that was attacked centuries ago, so its upper surface structure fell upon and decimated its lower, subterranean neighbourhoods, resulting in enormous casualties and a ruined metropolis. On the surface, though, pirates started using abandoned Tawhoque's ports, and eventually settled the city for themselves. They were inevitably routed and the country took control of the place again.

These days New Tawhoque is a seedy seaport mostly controlled by the Eye of Redemption, a group of extremist Gefendur paladins. Half of the city is still in crumbled ruins and unoccupied except for gangs and crazy people.

Like most cities, New Tawhoque has its posh neighbourhoods. Uptown, known as the Old District, is a nice few blocks of luxury manors, boutiques, a very swanky bath house, and a few expensive restaurants. New Tawhoque isn't the most fashionable place to live but the moneyed people who have taken up residence there have carved out a nice enclave for themselves. During his stint as a scrivener in the city, Duane's flat and office was at the edge of the Old District on Criseyde Way.

Sharteshane's lambence springs from the ruins of Old Tawhoque. All water in the Hanghorse area is contaminated and glows.

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