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The Peaceguard act as Cresce's elite military police, enforcing Cresce's will and protecting Cresce's interests both domestically and in her allies' lands. The Peaceguard have a positive reputation among most of Kasslyne's population, known for policing disaster areas, providing support to local authorities in times of crisis, mediating international disputes, and ferreting out Aldish spy and terrorist networks.

Cresce's allies being numerous and her land holdings being expansive, the Peaceguard is a large organisation stretching from coast to coast. Though the use of force is often inescapable, Peaceguard stress their roles as ambassadors, and are trained to put the welfare of their host country on par with Cresce's own.

In times of war or national emergency, the Peaceguard can be recalled to Cresce and the capital. [1] [2] [3]

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