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A pymaric is any object created out of First Materials and permanently enchanted via pymary. Pymarics can be simple or complex, inexpensive or unimaginably valuable, all depending on the depth and power of their enchantments and the quality and amount of First Materials with which they are composed.

Because the nature of Unsounded's world is determined by the khert and the khert acts as custodian, constantly restoring and recycling the Aspects that wrights move about in their exercise of pymary, permanently enchanting physical matter is impossible. The khert will simply sweep rogue Aspects back where they belong or obliterate them entirely. The only way to permanently change the nature of physical material is to bond spells to First Materials. This is done in a process called spell burning, resulting in pymarics.

The simplest pymarics are glass bulbs made from First Sand, an abundant First Material. When they're broken, they can release a contained Aspect (the force of an explosion, for instance) or even a carefully designed and pre-programmed beast that will attack one's enemies or just entertain one's children. More expensive and complex pymarics include enchanted weapons made out of First Silver or enchanted limbs (simulcrum) made from First Timber.

Most pymarics are crafted by specialist wrights and sold in specialty shops. With the proper knowledge of pymary, material, and burner, anyone with sufficient funds can make one, though it's not unheard of for their sale and use to be restricted in times of war, when the military requires First Materials for its own martial efforts.

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