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The easternmost country on the continent of Kasslyne, Sharteshane has a reputation for being a den of thieves, rogues, and criminals of every stamp. Centuries of a distracted, corrupt dynastic monarchy has allowed the rich, powerful, and criminal elite of Sharteshane to divide the country for itself, resulting in a patchwork landscape of miserable, lawless city-states, townships ruled by totalitarian Gefendur paladins, and Royalist farms, vineyards, and factories.

Sharteshane is predominantly coastal and a major shipping centre. As its landscape is made up of volcanic rock (including the largest active volcano on the continent), vast quarries, and coastline, the country has made its wealth through goat and swine farming and an immense seafood trade. Eager to protect the country's vast shipping fleet from both pirates and Aldish antagonism, trade merchants have banded together with the palace to form the largest naval fleet on the continent, a semi-privatized, tax-subsidized force that utilizes the epitome of current maritime technology.

Sharteshane contests with Alderode over the ownership of Anchert.

Sharteshane city, the capitol, is located to the north. Other notable locales include New Tawhoque and Goodbye Island, Sharteshane's chief naval base.

Sharteshane is also prized for its tarnet (a sort of fast-growing, semi-petrified lumber that is strongly resistant to pymary) and reserves of lambence, a potable, luminescent water with mild healing properties. Tarnet and lambence make up two of Sharteshane's most lucrative exports.

Sette and the Frummagem family hail from New Tawhoque, but allegedly they hold sway over the entire country.

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