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== Recent Events ==
== Recent Events ==
'''The Deadly Nevergreen, Part II'''
'''The Deadly Nevergreen, Part II'''

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Stockyard Frummagem is nephew to Nary Frummagem and cousin to Sette. Though hailing from Sharteshane he ventured westward into Cresce years ago to make his own way and broaden the criminal family's esteem. Stockyard is in charge of the Deadly Nevergreen, a brothel. For unknown reasons, he recently stopped sending the agreed-to percentage of his earnings (called jukrum) home, and is now delinquent in his uncle's books. Whether he is rebelling or forgetful is not known. Sette's been tasked to investigate, and the success of her findings may determine her future place in the Frummagem hierarchy.

Recent Events

The Deadly Nevergreen, Part II

Stockyard was killed when the reanimated corpse of Toby fastened a noose around Stockyard's neck and pushed him off a ledge, decapitating him.

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