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Tainish, often called Aldish by foreigners, is the language spoken by roughly half of Alderode, predominantly in the northernmost provinces, or ginnals. It is the recognised language of the Ssaelit faith. The rest of the population of Alderode, and the rest of Kasslyne, speaks Continental. Old Tainish is also used internationally for pymary.

Tainish is written in its own phonetic alphabet, in conjunction with roughly two hundred pictographs. An additional seven hundred pictographs are used only for Old Tainish.



Tainish came from the Tains, a group of fair-haired people who, thousands of years ago, lived in a secluded valley beyond the Gold Mountains (soud vaghal) of eastern Alderode. When this valley and its people were conquered by western tribesmen, the Tainish culture and language were disseminated westward. Over time the Tainish language, which was and continues to be the language of pymary, was simplified into a less complicated, formal, and ritualistic tongue until it became what it is today. Original Old Tainish is reserved for use in pymary and in educational and scholarly treatises.


Many concepts unique to Alderode find expression only in Tainish. For example, because a portion of Alderode lives for centuries this has made necessary convenient terms for one's relatives that extend further back than two or three generations. There are also myriad unique units of measure specific to pymary (measurements for the saturation of colour, the strength of smells, the density of rainfall, etc). Aldish schoolchildren are required to fully understand both Continental and Tainish, but there are no translations for many of these Tainish terms. Also, all terms unique to the Ssaelit faith and Ssaelit temple are expressible only in Tainish.


Tainish is mostly right-branching. Word order is subject-verb-object, determiner-noun-adjective, and preposition-object. It is ungendered, and contains a complex system for expressing politeness which, when mirrored in Continental, can make Aldish speakers seem overly formal and stiff. Because Tainish's current form is a deliberate redesign of its original, Tainish forms and conjugations are very regular, making it a moderately easy language to learn.

Verbs have suffixes indicating tense, person and number.

Pronunciation and spelling

Tainish vowels are mostly as in Latin and Spanish: [a e i o u]. There are long vowels and diphthongs. R's may be rolled or trilled.

Some unusual spellings:

Tainish spelling IPA English (or other) equivalent
s [s] (?) s (probably)
ss [z]1 z
sh [ʃ] sh
ssh /ʃ̩/1; phonetically probably [ʃ̩.ʃ] (or maybe [ʃʒ̩.] or [ʃ̩.ʔ]?) a syllabic "sh" sound, as in "Sh! Be quiet!"
th [θ] th as in think
ll (non-final) [j]1 y
final -ll [jɛ]1 yeh
mm /m̩/; phonetically probably [m̩.m] or possibly [m̩.ʔ]1 syllabic "mm" as in "mm, this cookie is good"
initial nn- (?) /n̩/; phonetically probably [n̩.n] or possibly [n̩.ʔ]1 syllabic "nn" sound, probably
non-final n, final -nn [n] n
final -n [~] nasalize vowel, as in French
fh [ɸ] Japanese ふ
v, vh [v] v
kh [x] unvoiced velar fricative: Dutch g, Scottish "loch"
g [χ] unvoiced uvular fricative: German Ach
iw [y] German ü, French u

(tumblr reference post [1])

Stress in two-syllable words is almost always on the second syllable.


Translations of every notable line of Tainish from the comic so far.

See Tainish Examples for additional words and phrases.

Tainish Translation
Mamalen entek Wandering root
Kussen Slave
Galit Damned; zombie
Muol Lit. servant but figurately closer to jerkwad buttface
Anteit Vaosa Merciful Saints
Vhefhen kakhtimun vil dan efhim tookim vil saba. Father said I must not talk to any of you.
Taomabi e fhangimabi mo Uaid. Go and wait with Uaid!
Uaid Lit. turtle
Ssael fhikemun rish. Ssael reveals the way.
Ilganyag Black Tongues
Imunt Hethllot? They have a Plat?
Mallil Hethllot, ssomal ssupall llo moya graefhich? Revered Plat, you are a friend of this villain?
Aumut Vaosa Victorious Saints
Mae illuda! So awesome!
Ssom Soud. I'm Gold.
Ssomal Ilganyag? Are you a Black Tongue?
Dan paesabi! Forgive me!
Aum yut shenut, Sette. Hello, Sette.
Malakhomit! Run away!
Vhefhen! Father!
Simon simol! Simon bean!
S'lele ssomun donaa? Where's mama?
Voli kuramell! Ever vigilant!
Nassama gishinn Mikaila Happy birthday, Mikaila
DaMann, pulinaa fhikomafina moya ul a lo? Pulinaa liimafina maefina aul a lo? My Lord, why reveal such things to her? Why break Your silence to her?
Abi twel, muol! Get dicked, inferior!
Moya tossaul ssomun mi llo'uflikh-wisa? Is this tin full of syruped pears?!
Iwtu ul, lom sal. I hate you so friggin’ much. (literally Fuck-thing, I detest you.)
Fhen ssomun shenut. Everything is alright.
Ssachig Fool/silly person
Khaeninul efh. No accident. (literally unintentional thing not)
Okhael ssagalimabimel molla lloha rish, Ssael. Please light this man’s way, Ssael.
Pad'rasa tiw faeimun mellim? The wee pisser afraid of thunder?
Faeimun fhilul. She isn’t afraid of anything.
Ssomun yoninmeedoll i megraefich e melimasa. Faeim solle salimun efhun charaa ao momekassha. She’s from a family of villains and criminals. I worry she doesn’t understand how to be with children.
Kim Jivi kunimuno lo sam ghal. Faenilimuno efh chig. That Jivi will put her in her place. He doesn’t suffer fools.
Lessum sela sam lo, hinllo tim ul falo alota... There is God’s fire in her. I was warmed once by the same spark in another girl.
Tiim I remember
Umabi efhal, Mikaila Don't look, Mikaila.
Mohin resim mae vheli! You look very cute today! (literally "Today I observe extreme cute!”)
Tookimsha efh glautig ret. Chinal ssome llala toko alomal ssom. We don’t speak the same language. And I’m not what you believe I am. (in-depth)
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