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Toby is Stockyard's right hand man and was to be trusted to run the Deadly Nevergreen while he was away. He has a clear romantic relationship with Anadyne, and they and Knock-Me-Down are very close.

Recent Events (Spoilers)

The Deadly Nevergreen

In this chapter, it is revealed that Toby is having a secret affair with Anadyne. Toby expresses to Anadyne his interest in leaving Stockard's employ, but this disloyalty was overheard.

The Deadly Nevergreen, Part II

Toby, knowing that he has no other choice to leave the Frummagem crime business, plans to stab Stockyard while they talk in his office. Stockyard is aware of Toby's treachery, though, and ambushes Toby before he can react, tearfully strangling him with a wire. During the fight in the Nevergreen, Toby's reanimated body, under the control of the First Silver Weapon, murders Stockyard.

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