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Uaid is a three-story-tall bipedal humanoid pymaric construct made from heavy bronze and iron machinery and pieces of the body of a preserved adolescent mountain ogre. Uaid has been shown to travel distances faster than hounds or carts, making him a useful commodity. Uaid is controlled from a station located inside his hollowed-out head, but he still displays a simple independence, intelligence, and even empathy. Currently the Quigleys are living out of his hollow chest cavity.



Uaid is made of bronze and iron mechanical parts that appear hydraulic of some sort. His mountain ogre parts are green, and these include his hands, legs, feet, and face. The rest of Uaid is mechanical. Currently as of chapter 11, Uaid is broken, missing one arm and most of a leg. His head is topless and hollowed out, acting as the control station, and his chest cavity is hollowed as well, with the bronze ribs being able to open or close. Within the chest hollow are repurposed gastric parasites of some kind, apparently acting as some sort of controllable appendage.


Uaid is very protective of Matty, waving off Cutter's untoward advances and helping the boy get around in spite of his handicap. While he can be considered of very low intelligence, he is not really a person or a creature, but rather a construct with an extremely limited will of it's own. Uaid seems to feel pain in any of his parts, including the mechanical ones, and is capable of physically crying for unexplained reasons. Uaid is also fond of swallowing things, be they fish, people, or objects. Possibly this is a vestigial urge from his pre construct days as a mountain ogre senet beast.


Uaid was built by Vienne, but never finished. Uaid's personality is crafted by uniting several ghosts' memories into one pymaric construct. Being not-alive, Uaid has no need for air, and operates identically underwater to on land.

Immunity to pymary (partial)

Being partially senet beast, his mountain ogre parts cannot be affected by pymary directly, although a physical blow such as concrete utilizing a sharpness Aspect will still affect him.


Uaid possesses immense strength, capable of not only throwing armored men across a warehouse, but of hauling his own body weight vertically as well.

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