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Vienne Quigley was a Hethllot woman and wife to Mathis Quigley and thus Matty's mother. She was raised as a free spirit by her father, a forgemaster, and considered a headache by the Elders for this reason (which is why she was paired with Quigley). Vienne was also skilled in pymary and an adept smith. She built the construct Uaid among other Pymarics. She designed the Swarm mantle-pymaric as a gift for her husband to protect him when he was on the road for the Window.

She was known for her compassion, but also was very analytic and practical when it came to pymary and constructs. She was among the most talented living wrights when it came to these two topics, able to induce previously impossible behavior like the replication of First Material-like properties in a base material.

She was not so deft with a needle. Attempting to make toys for her son like the other mothers did, she constructed Chitz for Matty (which was turned into his seeing aid after the Quigleys' exodus).

Vienne had dealings to a yet unknown extent with The March. She had planned to donate Uaid to them after his completion.

Vienne was tortured by the Window and then killed when she refused to give them Uaid's schematics or any information on the March.

Vienne has a side story, Vienne of Seferpine.

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