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Vliegeng, or flying snakes, are large animals native to the frozen northeast of Alderode. There are several species; one has been domesticated for aerial transportation and war.

They are social animals and live in small packs. Their diet primarily consists of frostgiants, a type of enormous, frozen bamboo-like grass that grows thickly on Alderode's northern coasts, but they will also eat fish and meat.

Vliegeng possess a remarkable method of flight. They ensnare khert lines with specialized appendages grown from their shoulderblades, using these lines to slide and climb from point to point. Vliegengs' eyes are also capable of bidimensional sight, a rare adaptation that allows them to see the khert superimposed atop reality, and which presumably aids their aerial navigation.

Domestic vliegeng are gentle and intelligent, and bond readily to the right handlers. When they're not sunning themselves atop their aeries they like a good game of catch or tag. In battle it's not always a good idea to kill a vliegeng's handler before killing the vliegeng. You're likely to enrage the beast and make for yourself a far more dangerous enemy.

Vliegeng live about 60 to 70 years. Mating season is once every two years. The packs come together to hunt and kill whales which they'll gorge themselves on before mating. After twenty months, vliegeng give live birth to single calves, which are about ten feet long at birth.

Mikaila enjoyed riding vliegeng with Lemuel.

Images of vliegeng and a typical rider.

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