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Wright, short for spellwright, is a person who utilizes special knowledge, language and gestures to manipulate Aspects and the local Khert to perform pymary. In Unsounded, wright is the preferred synonym for sorcerer, spellcaster, magus, etc.

From country to country wrights are generally commonplace, performing services that citizens do not, on the whole, find particularly miraculous or worthy of pause. There are many different career branches within the label of 'wright,' some of them requiring little specialized knowledge, some of them requiring decades of research, training, and a keen intellect. A wright can be a soldier, using pymary to violently fight enemies or protect comrades; a wright might stay at home and use pymary to monitor weather conditions for their local government; a wright might travel from home to home using pymary to dye ladies' hairs interesting shades, or place illusory butterfly adornments in their sitting rooms.

Because pymary is strictly regulated, wrights must attend schools and undergo training, an initiation, and exams before they are licensed and allowed to practise the Arts publicly. Practising without a license is illegal, as is using any spells or any language save what the local government has ordained.

Becoming a wright is an expensive endeavour and one that has to be begun at a young age. Because of this it is often difficult - if not impossible - for the underprivileged to pursue this career path. Spurred by this injustice, there are black markets of pymary and wright initiation in the seedier parts of the world and more than a few wrights who are practising illegal pymary with forged licenses.

Alderode is considered the hotspot for pymary, as Old Tainish is required to command the khert, and originated from Tain.

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